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The Ōkami Video Game Merchandise

Large display cabinets full of Okami merchandise.
Ōkami treasure merchandise: Kitsune Shapeshifter

Have you noticed how some TV shows and video games seem to mostly exist, as means of selling merchandise (or constant in-game “upgrades”)? Taking the slow but sure approach (rather than being “advertised to death”), Ōkami’s merchandise is not only desirable, but complements the video game rather than overshadowing it.

With the merchandise generally being somewhat rare, exclusive and of good quality, obtaining it becomes a more rewarding experience.

Okami character noodle stoppers - Ammy, Chibi and Oki.
Noodle stoppers: Furyu, Capcom

While always having an element of beauty or lighthearted humor present, in recent years the complexity and also production of Ōkami merchandise has been gaining momentum.

Okami Amaterasu "Divine Descent" statue.
Ōkami statue: First 4 Figures, Capcom

Detailed and beautifully-made Ōkami statues (starting at US$485) are now being produced (and bought) – fourteen years after the game was first released.

Hopefully this growing demand and also supply of quality Ōkami merchandise is a sign of groundwork being laid for a sequel to this much-admired video game.

In future updates to this page, you’ll find information on where best to purchase new and second-hand Ōkami merchandise, as well as overviews of what can be found, sorted into groups. For now you’ll find links to more information below (but come back soon – you’re welcome back any time):

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“Artbook, Merchandise and Misc”: LPArchive.org/Ōkami/Update 37
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