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January 2021 – The Road Ahead

Photo of happy dog looking back at camera.

The road ahead for this Ōkami fansite is clear – I will continue to update it with fresh Ōkami news and content throughout 2021.
I also have strong suspicions that we’ll get some big news about an Ōkami sequel this year!
The road ahead for mankind in 2021 is a little less clear of course, but allow me to share some positive thoughts about the real life good vs. evil battles that the world is being dragged into.

Happy Moments: Ōkami Fanart Gallery #10

Ammy with a turnip in her mouth, running. Caption: "The Turnip Thief!"

What makes Ammy happy? Nature, beauty, friends, and simply life itself? Probably any of those things, but “borrowing” turnips may very well be all of those things at once!
Think about it; turnips are grown in the soil and part of nature, because nature is beautiful then so are fresh turnips… It’s with friends (Issun) that Ammy “borrows” them and she even makes new friends (a boy called Mushi and his dog Hayabusa) because of this, and the fun with digging and getting chased around is a thrilling reminder of being alive in a living world.

Okami official art: Mushi's mother, angry with fist raised.

(In case you haven’t played Ōkami yet – there’s a point in the game where you can be cheeky and steal borrow turnips from a field, while being chased around by the corpulent female vegetable grower.)

Battles Worth Fighting – Wounds of Combat: Ōkami Fanart Gallery #9

Ammy physically attacking a much larger Ninetails, teeth bared, flames and lightning flashing.

Ammy engaged in combat with evil, to bring light, life and beauty back into the world; herself however, inescapably drawn into the brutality, baseness and perils of direct battle.
Like the “Divine Retribution” post, but also showing the physical and emotional wounds, as well as the wrenching of the soul that facing evil can inflict. There is no beauty in combat, as necessary (or unnecessary) as it may be at times – it is only horror.
One can stand in awe of such combat’s spectacle, but hope to never be pulled in.

Ōkami Ammy (Amaterasu’s) Black Eyes Explained

Three fanarts of Ammy. Text: Wolf eyes, Black eyes, ...No eyes?
Ammy tilts her head, Issun standing on her head.
(Actual video game footage)

In the Ōkami video game, are Ammy’s eyeballs black, empty voids, or some kind of expression of her spiritual energy? Why are Ammy’s eyes so dark?

Some Ōkami fanart shows Ammy as having normal (or specially coloured) wolf eyes, while some fanart shows Ammy as having purely black eyes, and other fanart will show absolute blackness/voids, as though there were no eyes there at all.
This blog post aims to make sense of Ammy’s eyes.

Magnifying Glass Over Issun: Ōkami Fanart Gallery #8

Issun on top of Ammy's head, making a powerful pose and facial expression.
Okami video game screenshot: Issun and Ammy looking at someone offscreen (Rao), Issun says "B-Busty babe..." and Ammy stares with open mouth.
So nice to meet you: Clover Studio, Capcom

Our favourite bug Poncle Issun, shown magnified so that we may observe him in his natural habitat.
Even though Issun was quite superficial and selfish at times, without him Ammy would have failed in her dangerous mission – having pulled himself together when she needed him the most.
If you’ve played through Ōkami, you’ll have witnessed just what a responsible and true friend Issun had become in the end.

Book Review: “Four Feet to Fame: A Hollywood Dog Trainer’s Journey”

Cover page of "Four Feet to Fame: A Hollywood Dog Trainer's Journey"

Every now and again, I’ll be posting a book review on this fansite.
The inspiration for today’s book review came after writing about a particular Ōkami fan artwork in my previous post, which reminded me of the great “Lassie” story.
I’ve read lots of dog-related books, and watched lots of dog-related movies over the years. This particular book I’ve read in June 2017, about a remarkable dog trainer whose work has positively influenced my own life.

New Ammy Chibi Figure, and More Ōkami Sequel Talk

Nendoroid Amaterasu Chibi Figure

In November 2020, we’ll be able to get our hands on a new “Nendoroid” Chibi Ammy Ōkami figure, created under the supervision of Ammy’s character designer Kenichiro Yoshimura.

Also, back in June (8th, 2020) it was revealed that Ikumi Nakamura (who worked on the original Ōkami) wants to visit Capcom headquarters and convince the bigwigs there to give the go-ahead for an Ōkami sequel, and have it directed by Hideki Kamiya – something that most fans clearly hope to see happening.

Ammy the Symbol: Ōkami Fanart Gallery #7

Portrait painting of Ammy looking at viewer, flaming Divine Instrument floating behind her head.
Issun spreading leaflets, explaining who Ammy truly is: Sun Goddess Amaterasu
Issun paints and distributes Ammy leaflets – by Satsuki Yuu Awairo

The kind of artworks that Ōkami’s Issun (Ammy’s bug/friend) might paint:
Artworks that explain Ammy’s might and fitness to rid Ōkami’s polluted “Nippon” (ancient mythical Japan) of its demons, and inspire devotion towards Ammy amongst Nippon’s adults who have lost faith in the “Brush Gods”, or never had any faith to begin with.

These are works of art that depict a maturity and strength, that can only come with wisdom and experience, and a confidence that can only be earned by achievement. It is this kind of champion, that can still inspire confidence inside a jaded and tired heart.

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