Planned Updates & Updates Log

It’s neater to keep a list of all planned website, blog and forum updates in the one place. Here they are:

Updates Log

  • August 14, 2021: The Ōkami soundtrack page has been updated with embedded YouTube videos, that you can click on to sample some of my favourite Ōkami video game music.
    The Ōkami mythology page has finally been updated with extra screenshots, plus I’ve embedded the YouTube videos of a fellow Ōkami fan, who shared some fascinating insights into Ōkami’s mythology – definitely worth a watch!
    I’ve also posted a new Ōkami fanart blog post titled “HEY AMMY!”, featuring Ammy fanart that would make great posters likely to have appealed to the youth of Ōkami’s story/universe.
    The OGV version of the hosted videos were sub-par in quality, so I’ve re-encoded them – they look much better now, but the MP4 versions are always the best.
    Improved the Website’s appearance in mobile-view a bit, and tweaked the site’s code a tad.
    Getting more serious now, I have also added a blog post titled “Independent Thoughts & Solutions to Current Events. Looking Towards the Future.
    More updates to come; the next fanart blog post will feature Ammy’s somewhat unhinged friend/enemy Waka!
  • January 8, 2021: Today, I’ll post three blog posts: the “Battles Worth Fighting – Wounds of Combat” Ōkami fanart blog post, which is a more violent version of the “Divine Retribution” post, then there’s the “Happy Moments” Ōkami fanart post and finally a short blog post about this fansite’s future in the year ahead. I’ve already authored about 90% of both fanart blog posts back in January 2020, and only just completed them with more to come soon. More nice stuff is planned for this fansite – if you haven’t done so already, do consider signing up to this fansite’s Ōkami RSS news feed. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll be joining any social media sites, but we’ll see. I hope you enjoy today’s updates, fellow Ōkami fans!
  • November 25, 2020: Hmm, I really need to get into the habit of uploading updates to this website as I finish them, rather than waiting until I’ve readied a whole lot.
    This fansite is developed on a local computer, and then uploaded as a separate process, rather than any smaller update showing up immediately. Anyway, let’s move on from that fascinating revelation – here’s the list of updates:
    As promised, added the blog post “Ōkami Ammy (Amaterasu’s) Black Eyes Explained”, because I suspect that some fans, artists and newcomers to the Ōkami franchise may misinterpret the meaning of Ammy’s black eyes.
    The “Ōkami Characters” page has finally received an update that I’ve been hoping to get finished, adding characters such as Shiranui and also sections on Ōkami’s common animals, as well as Ōkami’s anthropomorphic animals. There are still some updates to that page being worked on, but I’m much happier with it now.
    I’ve also updated the header image on the “Send Message” page, as the old header didn’t quite fit.
    The fansite’s main header image has also been updated – in the future, I’d like to put those images on a kind of banner rotation.
    Some basic CSS/JavaScript and SEO optimisations, but more still needs to be done.
    Finally, the fansite’s Ōkami RSS news feed is up and running, so if you’ve got an RSS feed reader then feel free to subscribe, for all the latest beautiful and cool Ōkami news and updates!
    Next up, are some much-needed updates to the “Ōkami Merchandise” page and a new blog post – this time much sooner, too!
  • September 30, 2020: Added the blog post “Magnifying Glass Over Issun”, featuring Ammy’s best friend!
    Also, I have updated the Ōkami Characters page a little bit, to make everything easier to understand (although it’ll still require some more updates in the future).
    Some minor unexciting technical/SEO updates with more to come (yay!)
    Finally, I’ve started going over older blog posts and began linking some more Ōkami character names to their respective section on the characters page.
    Looks like I won’t manage weekly updates just yet, but we’ll see. In the next planned updates, I’ll include blog posts on Ammy’s eyes and also fanart featuring more serious combat and conflict with demons.
  • August 29, 2020: What did I say about “next update this Saturday”, way back in July?
    Never mind, I’ve finally put the finishing touches on my next blog post “Ammy the Symbol” – I’ve also added a link to a beautiful and free Ōkami fanzine!
    After being reminded of Lassie from one of the fanarts, I’ve added a short review of a book about Lassie’s legendary original trainer and owner, Rudd Weatherwax.
    The next blog post (all about Ōkami’s Issun) is 98% finished, and will be posted soon.
    I’ll also start linking more mentions of Ōkami character names to the Ōkami characters page, so people new to this great video game can more easily jump to a character description.
    There’s a small Ōkami “news” post here: “New Ammy Chibi Figure, and More Ōkami Sequel Talk
  • July 6, 2020: Goodness, finally managed to post the “Divine Retribution” Ōkami fanart blog post that I wanted to post the Saturday before last – better late than never. Still a bit behind on some other little things (technical stuff, getting social media set up, etc.), but otherwise coming along nicely.
    The next update will be this Saturday, with another nice blog post.
  • June 24, 2020: Some Ōkami info added to the “A Brief History of Ōkami” page, website’s CSS mostly optimised, JavaScript is next (exciting I know), still some things left to update.
  • June 16, 2020: Site goes live, still ironing out some small bugs and a couple of small details require updating.
  • June 4, 2020: Site undergoes beta testing, forum and site not yet accessible to public.

Planned website, blog and forum feature updates

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