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Hello, fellow fan! This is the page to get in touch.
It’s nice to think that adding Ōkami-related news, goodies or just friendly discussion to this independent fansite, might just call a sequel closer. With so many Ōkami-goodies scattered all about the Internet, this fansite aims to put these pieces together in the one place and hopefully inspire even more art and creativity.

That’s where you, the Ōkami fan, comes in! Sign up to the ad-free forum and say “Konnichiwa”, or you can get in touch with the fansite’s founder/owner by email below.
I’m always happy to receive and look at Ōkami-related news, fanart, fanfiction, crafts, photography and more.

There’s a posting and linking policy page, that will go into more detail about the goodies which get put on this fansite.

You won’t get signed up to a newsletter or get spammed, when contacting us! See our Planned Updates & Updates Log blog post for more details.

Your fellow Ōkami fan Ben!
(Fansite’s founder/owner)

(Click here for the “Where else to Find Me” blog post.)

Note: For the time being, you’ll have to type the above email manually – it’s not linked. Sorry about that. In the future, I’ll have a web form on here.
For anyone who can’t read the above email, it’s simply my name “Ben” and then this website’s web address. The backup email won’t get checked as often as the main one, but can be used if for some reason the main one doesn’t work.
It may take a little while for me to respond sometimes – I’m a fan like you, doing this in my spare time.


Header image is a montage of official Clover Studio/Capcom Ōkami art and royalty free and own graphics.

The source of the photograph with the Japanese Kitsunes is unknown – if you know it, please send me a message and I’ll update this page. Thanks!

Additional sources, and how we choose and link sources: Website Art, Graphics & Other Sources, Plus Posting & Linking Policies

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