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HEY AMMY!: Ōkami Fanart Gallery #11

Bow-Wow! Ōkami fanart that’s a lot like the Ōkami fanart paintings and drawings in “Ammy the Symbol” but for a younger audience – an audience that still hasn’t felt the urgency of acquiring wisdom, but instead seeks adventure and excitement. (Resulting in the “unintended side-effect” of wisdom.) These artworks show, and also invite the brashness…

January 2021 – The Road Ahead

The road ahead for this Ōkami fansite is clear – I will continue to update it with fresh Ōkami news and content throughout 2021. I also have strong suspicions that we’ll get some big news about an Ōkami sequel this year! The road ahead for mankind in 2021 is a little less clear of course,…

Happy Moments: Ōkami Fanart Gallery #10

What makes Ammy happy? Nature, beauty, friends, and simply life itself? Probably any of those things, but “borrowing” turnips may very well be all of those things at once! Think about it; turnips are grown in the soil and part of nature, because nature is beautiful then so are fresh turnips… It’s with friends (Issun)…

About Ōkami

The Ōkami adventure that millions of people around the world have been a part of, began back in 2004 when lead designer Hideki Kamiya pitched a new video game idea to Atsushi Inaba (President/CEO of Clover Studio): of making life, nature and its beauty the central theme.

With Kamiya directing and working alongside the skilled team of Clover Studio, in 2006 Ōkami was released on the PS2 in Japan and soon worldwide, receiving near-universal genuine and enduring praise, and also with each remaster for other platforms that followed in 2008 (Wii), 2012 (PS3), 2017 (PC/PS4/Xbox One) and 2018 (Nintendo Switch).

Ultimately leaving Ōkami’s players with positive impressions lasting years, and going on to earning international critical acclaim – this video game has set new standards in interactive adventures.

Find out more about the adventure that started from a simple idea of depicting nature’s beauty, and went on to change gaming history and profoundly reach many of those who took part, by reading our articles below.

Share Your Story…

We love talking about Ōkami, and showing off Ōkami goodies for other fans to enjoy.
Discover our forum and share in the discussion or post your fanart, fanfiction, news, photos, and other related goodies. What do you like about Ōkami? Let us know – we’re all fans!

Praising Ōkami

Anything positive by fellow Ōkami fans; from thinking, talking, writing or creative work are all forms of praise. Such positive things will help support and continue Ammy’s Ōkami adventure!
This fansite is a free, independent go-to place and treasury to collect, point out and experience lots of beautiful Ōkami goodies:

Jovial Ammy on her belly, little birds landing on her head.

Collecting Praise

There’s a lot of great Ōkami news, fanart, creativity and information all over the Internet, and we’re bringing it together. Be a part of the effort to gather and point out everything positive that Ōkami has inspired. Share your experience and tips on our forum or just send a message here.

Happy Chibiterasu with treasures.

Showing Praise

Showing off what’s been gathered: A collection of positive emotion, thought and intention – presented in the form of observable creative output, such as Ōkami fanart, written words, crafts and more. The fansite blog is an expanding gallery filled with inspiration, creativity and Ōkami related news and goodies.

Kamiki Village residents and Sakuya gathering around Ammy, who is happy.

Ōkami Now! Forum

Where everyone and everything positive comes together. Fellow fans posting (blog) comments and discussing Ōkami news, art and other related subjects. Feel free to ask for gaming tips, or just discuss anything related to Ōkami. Grab some non-alcoholic Sake, and join us for a friendly chat.

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