HEY AMMY!: Ōkami Fanart Gallery #11

Bow-Wow! Ōkami fanart that’s a lot like the Ōkami fanart paintings and drawings in “Ammy the Symbol” but for a younger audience – an audience that still hasn’t felt the urgency of acquiring wisdom, but instead seeks adventure and excitement. (Resulting in the “unintended side-effect” of wisdom.)

These artworks show, and also invite the brashness of youth and the seemingly endless power and possibilities that unwavering belief in oneself and ones’ mission can bring about. Let’s leap right in!

Older and more experienced people of course will have fallen on their face enough times to prefer looking after what they (believe they) already have, but when you’re young, the whole world is out there for you to experience and take in.

These paintings show a divine female wolf-warrior, who still has room beside her for a worthy and like-minded pupil. “Hey Ammy, let’s clean up this world together!”

Very exaggerated poster-type drawing of Ammy with her mouth open, seemingly brashly shouting.Click on a picture to see it pop up in a “lightbox”. All fanarts posted are my personal favourites. (Featured art: Ōkami Amaterasu – by SaltAndPupper)

This is one of the visually loudest Ōkami fanarts ever, and the perfect poster-type of illustration for this topic in my opinion! Besides being fun, youthful and brash, there’s also lots of lively and carefree self-expression that almost looks like it’ll leap from the poster.
Of course some people who have no idea who or what Ammy is, might suspect that she’s running from an exploding car and that disc-shaped object is a wheel that was blown off by the explosion.

Lethal Weapon 3, “Grab the Cat!”: Warner Bros.

Have you ever seen one of those mid 80’s to early 90’s buddy cop action movies with all its unrealistically huge explosions and the favourite cops always surviving?
Nevertheless, this wouldn’t have been a problem back in ancient Japan (the period of Ōkami’s story), where of course cars hadn’t been invented yet. The young and savvy kids of the time would have worked out that Ammy’s a powerful and positive spiritual being, with a flaming shield/weapon floating above her back.

US Army "I Want You" propaganda poster
Propaganda poster

Like most art used for… well essentially “propaganda”, it of course hides the less savoury and disturbing realities that come with facing dangerous confrontations, as seen in my “Wounds of Combat” post. Nevertheless, Ammy is the most powerful of the (Japanese) gods in the Ōkami video game, and will selflessly shield anyone weaker than her, as seen several times throughout Ōkami’s story.

Let’s playfully imagine for this blog post, that Ammy’s best friend and Wandering Artist Issun has painted the following artworks and spread them about the land of Nippon (ancient mythical Japan), to help inspire faith and support for the powerful and good Celestial Brush Goddess named (Ōkami Amaterasu) Ammy:

I Don’t Fear You – by Skyybi

Ammy, with Divine Instrument glaive on her back, looking up towards viewer with a confident expression, demons surrounding her, but unable to penetrate her bright aura.

It can be a scary world out there, especially on the frontlines in the battle against evil demons. Ammy isn’t fazed however, repelling the darkness with her light, looking towards the viewer with a confident expression – mighty Glaive floating above her back, and the viewer invited to join in the battle ahead.
Hmm, an evil and angry eight-headed hydra monster with long and sharp teeth… Perhaps I’ll let Ammy do the work and just stick to preparing snacks for the victory party.

Clearly Ammy doesn’t fear such terrible evil, and her confidence can inspire the confidence of the viewer as well – to help join in the battle, or at least support Ammy with the right belief and faith in her.


Path of Stars – by Repare

Ammy walking through water with stars reflected, massive glaive floating above her back, she is walking away but looking towards the viewer.

Official art of Okami Amaterasu, showing flaming "Divine Retribution" weapon/reflector/mirror floating above her back.
Flaming reflector/weapon

Besides artists drawing Ammy’s usual flaming “Divine Retribution Reflector” weapon, they also seem to really like this “Tsumugari Glaive”, despite it being the least powerful of the five Glaives available. (Glaives listed from least powerful to most powerful: Tsumugari, Seven Strike, Blade of Kusanagi, Eighth Wonder, Thunder Edge.)
I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post, and it’s an interesting observation to make in my opinion: Is this particular Glaive painted by artists so often because it’s the first Glaive that one can earn in the Ōkami video game, and therefore it’s extra special and memorable? Sort of like eating a delicious new type of food for the first time – at least I’ve never forgotten that experience.
Hmm, anyway moving on; we can see ink draining from Ammy’s tail – as some may know, Ammy (being a “Celestial Brush God”) uses her tail as a brush, and “paints” miracles into existence with ink.

Overall quite an impressive scene, and with Ammy looking towards the viewer and seemingly waiting for the viewer to catch up; destiny awaits and can be experienced together. The mood isn’t bright and fresh, rather it’s quite serious, but the situation is mystical and Ammy effortlessly displays her power and might as a Celestial Brush God, who also happens to be armed with a massive Glaive.
Yes there’s uncertainty and danger ahead, but it’s not going to be faced alone or unprepared.


Mother to us All – by Hyamei

Ammy with the Infinity Judge Divine Instrument floating above her, walking on water, sniffing a lily pad flower.

Such a fine, dainty and simple style and scene – Ammy drawn in flowing lines, attending to the fragile young bud of a Water Lotus Flower. Only the powerful (and cool-looking) weapon (named Infinity Judge) above her back giving away that Ammy’s actually a powerful being, and a serious opponent to destructive forces.

Water Tablet from the Okami video game.
Water Tablet

Oh, and the fact that Ammy’s literally walking on water also helps, heh. In the video game, Ammy gains the ability to walk on water by carrying a special “Water Tablet” – a Holy Artifact from Ōkami, obtainable later on (from Emperor Takara of Sei’an City), as the story unfolds.
Besides Ammy’s weapons, one doesn’t see her carry any other items from her inventory of acquired goodies, such as the Water Tablet. By owning and “equipping” the Water Tablet, Ammy will simply be able to walk on water.

Clearly this is a painting/poster about a powerful being, but also a being with sensitivity, care and affection towards the natural life that exists on Planet Earth. Lots of young people (and of all ages) today are fans of TV presenters who elegantly display the wonders of life and our natural world. The young people from the time and setting of this video game, may very well have wanted to join in on Ammy’s mission, after seeing such a poster:
Yes, you can be sensitive, but also be incredibly powerful.


Ōkami: Heaven’s Illumination – by Nezu Panda

Portrait painting of Ammy, gazing into the distance with a gentle and feminine expression on her face.

A bright and beautiful painting of Ammy with golden and shining eyes, flames from the Divine Retribution Reflector, crisp green leaves and Cherry Blossom petals effortlessly dancing around her. The dark sky, only brightened by Ammy’s presence (the wolf-incarnation of the Japanese sun goddess “Amaterasu-ōmikami”).
In my “Amaterasu Ammy’s black eyes explained” post, I went through the likely reasons why artists draw Ammy’s eyes differently, and why they were shown as black eyes in the video game. I’m still quite convinced that Ōkami 2 will show Ammy with eyes similar to those shown in this fanart painting.
Unlike the original Playstation 2, today’s modern gaming hardware allows for higher definition and more details to be shown on a computer or TV screen, such as clear and shining golden eyes.

Once again, Ammy’s powers are visibly but also elegantly on display: The dancing flames, leaves and petals are impressive, the godly crimson markings on Ammy’s face and body are unique, but the fact that Ammy is right in the center of such a display, looking like a confident, feminine and sensitive (lupine) supermodel is what keeps the viewer’s attention.

The focus is really on those beautiful golden bright eyes, gazing into the future towards a shining victory over evil and destruction. Perhaps the young and idealistic viewer, might want to gaze towards such a victory together with Ammy.


Paper Ammy – by Psarahdactyls

Ammy, shown in a paper cut-out style, running with happy expression, Issun close by her.

What a fun scene and illustration style, Ammy and Wandering Artist Issun running through nature and loving life. Adorable!
Made to look like “paper cutting” art,1 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papercutting) it’s quite remarkable just how expressive such a simple-looking style can be.

This simple and bold style (and also scene) would likely appeal to a younger audience, than the artworks above. Almost completely “hiding” the godly might that Ammy wields, and rather focusing on the fun and adventure that can be had when joining Ammy on her travels: Issun seems to be jumping for joy, so he is the “social proof” that running with Ammy is fun. From the looks of things, there are no reasons not to join them.
The Japanese have been creating paper cutting art for over 1400 years, so in the time and universe of Ōkami’s story, it wouldn’t have been unheard of to find art of Ammy and Issun, made by cutting and pasting paper.


Ōkami – by Zukitz

Ammy standing firmly, apparently she has spotted something.Another bold poster-type illustration – showing how Ammy is “on the case”, confidently and dutifully going after something unsavoury. (Sort of like a police dog going after a crook.)
Ammy’s pose is definitely unwavering and strong, but proportion-wise perhaps she still looks like a teenager, rather than a fully-grown adult.

Could it be that by appearing younger, Ammy looks more approachable to the youthful audience, despite her strong sense of (adult) duty and responsibility? By appearing as an adult, she might remind the young audience of a kind of stern and dutiful parent, but perhaps as a teenager, she’s a relatable mentor (Senpai) to look up to and be guided by.


Ōkami Amaterasu – by RubyFeather

Ammy running powerfully and purposefully, apparently ready for battle.

Yikes, there’s a demon nearby that’s going to get a mighty thrashing by the looks of things here. With the square snout and strong chest, Ammy looks very masculine in this illustration. This illustration does seem to share similarities with the previous illustration above, but maybe this one is more suited for the type of audience that wouldn’t be turned away by the idea of getting into a few scrapes – for example, teenage boys and girls who will stand their ground when directly confronted over what they believe in. Perhaps this illustration might even appeal to a young audience that is looking (for a fight and) for someone to fight alongside with.

Both illustrations appeal to a teenage audience and show duty and responsibility, however this one perhaps appeals more to those wanting to be on the front line and in direct contact with the enemy, whereas the previous illustration may appeal more to those taking on a supporting role.


Agility – by Rashuu

Ammy in action and combat, using her Divine Instrument reflector as a weapon on an unseen enemy.

Ammy in the midst of combat, fully in control and with effortless confidence, not overly phased but judgemental and purposeful in her actions – drawing blood from her enemy with the flaming “Divine Retribution” weapon. A smooth, professional and cool high-action scene.

Not too gory or showing the (likely fierce, big and hideous) monster enemy – otherwise, the younger audience who are supposed to become encouraged by such art might actually become discouraged.


Ōkami Amaterasu – by EmberwolfsArt

Ammy landing from a leap, looking towards viewer, Issun above her head.

Ammy in brilliant and full health, strong, dynamic, leaving a trail of petals and leaves as she bounds through the air – Issun fully enjoying the spectacle, and joining in on the adventure which this goddess is on. All that is missing is the viewer, who has been invited by Ammy to join in.
There is room for one more pupil on this adventure – won’t it be you (the viewer)?


Ammy – by FrozenQuills

Ammy jumping into the air, victorious pose and expression on her face, glaive floating above her back, red sun behind her.

Again, we have the “Tsumugari Glaive” above Ammy’s back – and combined with that confident expression, Ammy almost looks like she’s wearing a “power-tie” that’s blowing in the wind.

Kinda reminds me of the early 90’s Pop music hit from Roxette “Dressed for Success”: the female character portrayed in the song dressed bold, and combined with her youthful lack of planning, brashness and confidence, she tackled the harsh cut-throat world of climbing the business (and fashion) ladder, certain of her success. The strong jump through the air (over the viewer), not looking where to land, and the mighty Japanese sun disc in the background (and also considering that Ammy’s a sun goddess), makes this scene all the more impressive.

Ammy is certainly dressed for success – she’s got a dashing fur coat with fashionable crimson markings, untouchable confidence and a massive Glaive to help settle any fashion-arguments with nay-saying demons.

If you want to see Roxette’s full “Dressed for Success” hit song, then click below to load the embedded YouTube player:

☞ Roxette – Dressed For Success (YouTube) ☜


Amaterasu – by Delirioustudios

Ammy looking at viewer, her paw outstretched and on the ground, trees behind her, night-time scene.

Ammy with her big golden eyes looking towards the viewer and seeking a connection, placing her paw forward as much as possible, plantlife sprouting from where the paws touch the ground.
An impressive scene in the background, with the low “camera angle” of the “viewer” it’s almost like Ammy’s reaching out to someone who may feel low, defeated and not very strong, asking the viewer to join her on a journey towards reaching a personal best – together.

It’s clear that Ammy has made it very far on her journey to become the strongest that she can be, but also wants the young and possibly disenfranchised viewer to achieve the same. (In this painting, Ammy is shown at her full strength, as seen by the more elaborate crimson markings on her face and body.)
This painting conveys that as strong and successful Ammy already is, she’s not beyond “picking up others” on her journey – all it takes is the young viewer to reach out to her.
Do you see how close Ammy’s paw is to the border of the painting? Close enough to reach out and touch, making a connection with Ammy.


Ōkami: The Power of Yumigami – by FlowerLark

Ammy howling powerfully at the moon, which she appears to have brought into view/existence with her Celestial Brush/tail.

One of the things that people generally associate with wolves is them howling at the moon, so at first glance this scene (despite being very atmospheric) may not appear overly surprising. However, we can not only see Ammy’s crimson markings which only the Celestial Brush Gods have, but also that she is “painting” the moon into existence with her tail. Combine that with the fact that Ammy is the most powerful of the Celestial Brush Gods, that more than one wolf (or wolf-friend) can join in to howl at the moon, and that she’s cute, fluffy and loves cuddles and cherry cakes, and you’ve got a very impressive scene indeed.

The “camera angle” of this painting suggests that the viewer only needs to take a couple of steps further to join Ammy’s side and howl at the moon together. Perhaps upon seeing such a mighty goddess, who is working to keep nature, life and beauty balanced and healthy, the viewer may want to take up the challenge and join her side.


News reporter on television with revolted look on face, headline "absolutely disgusting".
Media propaganda

So, perhaps you can see how easy it is to make art or any kind of media (such as television, movies, radio, newspapers, advertising, etc.) into propaganda.

Luckily for the young viewer of Ammy’s “propaganda posters”, Ammy wouldn’t want the viewer to join her in dangerous real-life battles – rather she depends on the viewers’ faith in her, so that she may complete her benevolent mission to protect all life and harmony from evil demons.
All that Ammy wants and needs, is for the viewer to want to join, but in faith and spirit only.

Okami game screenshot: Waka, first meeting.
Waka: Ōkami screenshot, C.S., Capcom

The next Ōkami fanart post will show Ammy and her strange humanoid (but alien) friend/enemy (Wacky) Waka – an emotionally and mentally unbalanced alien from a destroyed technologically-advanced civilisation, who happens to look like a skater-dude and speaks faux-French.
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