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Okami official art, from the artbook - The Map of Nippon.
Big Map of Nippon: Clover Studio, Capcom
Ammy tilts her head, Issun standing on her head.
Hi Ammy!: C.S., Capcom

You’ve found Ammy’s map! This fansite is all about discussing Ōkami and the beautiful things that Ōkami fans around the world want to show off.
This remarkable video game has inspired so much creativity – artwork, crafts, photos, stories and more. There are lots of things to do and see.

The fansite has three main sections:

  1. Web Pages
    Just what is Ōkami, anyway?! Here’s an overview of the official Ōkami stuff you can read, watch, collect and play with. You’ll find tips on where and how to best buy or borrow Ōkami goodies, and also links to other useful websites.
  2. Blog Pages
    My favourite and newest Ōkami goodies go straight here: fanart, news, Ōkami-related topics to discuss and more!
  3. Our Friendly Ōkami Fan Forum
    An ad-free and relaxed place for fans to say “Konnichiwa!” and talk about anything Ōkami-related, as well as post their own fanart and other related goodies.
    Any comments and discussions made on the blog posts also go there automatically.

Portrait of Ammy giving the viewer a happy wink.
Ōkami – by Andiliion

Hey, you still here? Visit us at our Ōkami Fan Forum, and say “Konnichiwa” already! (Hello – Good Day!)

Fan-made Ōkami goodies and even just talking are a form of praise, and the more praise, the greater the chance of seeing Ōkami 2 in the near future!

Finally: Lots of stuff is still being added to this fansite and forum, such as a newsletter, social media accounts and of course more great Ōkami goodies!
The “Planned Updates & Updates Log” blog post has more information.

By Web Developer Ben – Fansite Founder and Owner.
Passionate dog person, but also likes cats and animals in general. Web developer and online producer, who became an Ōkami fan after coming across nice fanart eleven years ago and then playing the video game. Now inspired to do the same for other potential fans.

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