Ammy – Nature, Life and Beauty: Ōkami Fanart Gallery #1

Ammy viewed from above, looking towards viewer, wading through water, surrounded by Lily Pads.

Paintings and drawings that show the splendour and beauty of nature and life, in the world that Ammy watches over.

To launch the series of posts featuring my favourite Ōkami fanart, what better theme to choose than “furball” Sun Goddess Ammy’s favourite theme!

Beautiful view of restored Ryoshima Coast, Ammy in foreground.
Ammy Restored Ryoshima Coast: C.S., Capcom

All of these artworks show Ammy clearly “in her element” – the scenery that feels like home the most. Beautiful flowers, lush grass, healthy trees, clear water and surely a fresh and scented breeze. There are colours and life all around.

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