There is More to This Tale Than Most People Know!

A young woman and her child sister, observing sudden rain that Ammy (who is standing behind them with a smile on her face) has created.

In Honour of Ōkami’s positive achievements, this shrine fansite was created and fellow supporters’ praise displayed within it, for all fans to see and enjoy.

Man walking in park, carrying small dog.
Big day in the city (park) – by

Hey there! I’m Ben – a long-time Ōkami fan, Web developer and online producer, and also this fansite’s creator.

Ikumi Nakamura and Hideki Kamiya Twitter announcement of wanting to make a sequel to Okami, October 18 2019
“We want to make a sequel”

The decision to finally make a fansite showing off the beautiful artistic creations and sentiments of other fans, came in October 2019, after Ikumi Nakamura and Hideki Kamiya expressed their desire to create a sequel to the remarkable video game Ōkami.

Hideki Kamiya was Ōkami’s director and writer, and Ikumi Nakamura worked on Ōkami as an environment artist. Together with the skilled and dedicated people and President/CEO Atsushi Inaba of Clover Studio, they had created a beautiful and entertaining video game that positively touched many people around the world.

What are Your Favourite Things in Ōkami, You Wish Were in Ōkami’s Sequel?

Axel the dog, joyfully standing on a cake, surrounded by food that he loves.

So, what are the things that might make Ōkami 2 enjoyable to you, based on what you enjoyed in the original? What was it about Ōkami, that you remember with a positive feeling?

The reason why I ask, is because it’s been fourteen years since Ōkami was first released, and a lot of things have changed in the world (of gaming) – a lot of things not necessarily for the better. However, there’s a timeless and independent quality to Ōkami that made it unique back in 2006, and can also make it stand out positively today (perhaps even more than in 2006).

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