Funny Stuff: Ōkami Fanart Gallery #5

Ōkami had plenty of humor, and so it also inspired artists to create funny fanart.

Okami screenshot: Ice blocking path in Moon Cave level of Okami.
Ice, blocking path: Clover Studio, Capcom

Today’s blog post shows wacky and humorous situations from Ammy’s adventures, and also some “what if” interpretations.

“What if Ammy were to lick the giant boulders of ice in the Moon Cave, instead of melting them with fire?”

Well… I suppose it would take a whole lot longer for Ammy to melt those ice boulders, and Issun would yell at her a lot.

Let’s relax a bit from all the hard work that life throws at us, and take note of the not-so-serious moments.

One page comic, of Ammy telling her little son to go back to Earth and kick the butts of all kinds of terrible demons, because she can't be bothered to. Her son has a shocked and reluctant look on his face.

Click on a picture to see it pop up in a “lightbox”. All fanarts shown are my personal favourites. (Featured art: Amaterasu’s a Terrible Mother – by Senpai Tuba)

Hah! A drawing that’s right “up my alley”!
When I first heard about Ōkami’s supposed “sequel” (Ōkamiden) and that Ammy had apparently sent her little baby-puppy down to fight hordes of horrible demons, I was quite surprised. This drawing sums up my thoughts perfectly.

By the way, when reading Ammy’s words on the drawing, do you “hear” them with a British accent?

Easily Amused – by CrimzonLogic

Drawing of Ammy wearing canvas mask, with word "mask" written on it. Issun looking at it, calling Ammy "idiot". Ammy has smiley face above her head.

What’s the matter, Issun? It’s not like those imps (demonic enemies) are intelligent enough to know any different. Ammy has every reason to be proud and chipper!

Okami game screenshot: Ammy wearing imp mask disguise.
Ammy’s disguise: Ōkami screenshot, C.S., Capcom

In case you haven’t played the game, or reached the “Moon Cave” level yet: there is a scene where Ammy needs to disguise herself as an imp by wearing a mask like them, in order to mingle amongst Orochi’s many imp servants without being detected as an intruder.

This is a part of the game that many people had fun with – being able to draw on the mask to make their own design. Some people wrote naughty words, “not a wolf” or lots of other amusing things. Clearly imps aren’t too bright, because the disguise always worked.


Sexy Amaterasu plz – by CaptainJohnson‑b

Ammy with a proud smile on her face, posing in human underwear, like a supermodel would.

Oh my, so this one might take some extra explaining:

Painting of Amaterasu-Omikami, by “Yuniwa no Inaho”

Apparently the artist kept getting pestered to “draw Amaterasu from Ōkami as a sexy human”, so he replied by drawing Amaterasu in her 4‑legged wolf form, pretending to be a sexy human supermodel. That’s certainly a different way of saying no! (…Did Ammy get those shiny fresh oranges from Kamiki Village?) Also – that’s quite a fetching sun-design on her bikini and throw blanket.
Just look at that proud and accomplished expression on her face.


Ammy the Turnip Goddess – by Unknown_Artist

Ammy laying proudly on top of a giant pile of turnips, that she had stolen from Mushi's mother.

Hah, yet another proud and accomplished expression on Ammy’s face.

Okami official art: Mushi's mother, angry with fist raised.
Mushi’s mum: C.S., Capcom

This time, Ammy’s showing off that she’s not only the goddess of the sun, but also the goddess of digging up turnips – much to the frustration of the turnip (everyday human) farmer/owner/guard: “Mushi’s mother”.
Ammy sure is multi-talented!

For those who haven’t played yet: you’d better brush up on your digging skills, because they’ll need to be pretty good to progress through the game, or you’ll get whacked over the head!

(Source requested)

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – by NakouWolf

Drawing of Ammy trying to hit Blockhead's weak points, but failing and yelling in frustration.

Poor Ammy, I can sympathise. It was extremely difficult to hit the weak spots on (demonic enemy) “Blockhead Grande” in the right order and place, to get past him.

Okami official art: Blockhead
Blockhead: Clover Studio, Capcom

It took me 136 hours to play through Ōkami, the first time I played it. Time well spent, in my opinion… except for the time I wasted trying to get through that damn Brickbrain, argh!
Allow me to to congratulate those of you, who hadn’t given up. I tend to block out traumatic memories, but do vaguely remember sticking paper to my screen in desperation and scribbling numbers onto the paper as his weak spots showed up.


Ammy is the Number 1 Mom – by Otsu M.

Ammy, holding a coffee cup which has printed on it "number 1 mom".

Anyone who’s played Ōkami knows this gag makes so much sense, hah! I like how Ammy’s holding her morning coffee, eyes closed and taking in the aroma, confident in knowing that she is indeed the number 1 mom!

Okami game screenshot: Moegami calls Ammy "mother to us all"..
Mother to us all: Ōkami screenshot, C.S., Capcom

In the video game, Ammy gets referred to as “Mother of us all” at least 14 times. With so much positive affirmation, she has more than earned the right to have that bold statement printed on her coffee mug without any sense of irony. (And then, if you believe Ōkamiden to be a true sequel, she went on to send her baby-puppy son to start drinking alcohol and get slaughtered by horrifying demons back on Earth. She should probably get a different mug now!)


Note to Self: Never Lick Ice Orbs – by WhiteKitten

Drawing of an alarmed Ammy, with her tongue stuck to an ice orb.

In the “Moon Cave” level of Ōkami, players were introduced to ice boulders acting as impassable walls and doors. Touching them would cause Ammy to get hurt, and she wasn’t able to power-slash through them with her godly powers. I suppose licking them would also cause issues, as seen in the drawing above.

Okami game screenshot: Moment before melting ice with Inferno brush technique.
About to melt ice: Ōkami screenshot, C.S., Capcom

To proceed through the level, one must first gain the Inferno brushstroke from the (brush) god of flames Moegami, so that those annoying boulders of ice can be melted away. (For some reason Ammy can power-slash through massive rock boulders though, hmm.)

I have a confession; this was my least favourite level. All those unnecessary difficulties such as finding food ingredients in weird places, finding an imp’s mask in a treasure chest, rolling a massive rock through a tricky trail to light some fire spheres, and places being blocked off by neatly-placed ice boulders (which would also have blocked the imps that work at the Moon Cave), made this level a little bit too “improbable”.

Perhaps of course, it’s just a case of “sour grapes” in my case – it took me ages to figure out how to get to the bottom of the platform shaft (and that I even needed to go there).
Kind of rattled my normally high opinion of myself for a moment, once I realised it all, grr.


“Thanks Waka” (For Nothing) – by Kiwifie

A 3-panel comic, of Waka proudly proclaiming that his job is done, even though he hadn't done anything.

Some clever guy once said that there is great complexity in the simplest of things. Don’t know who he was, but I thought of what he said when I came across this drawing!

This 3‑panel comic pretty much sums up (mysterious) Waka’s contribution up to the last moments of the game. My complaints could go on for several paragraphs, but in summary the guy is almost completely useless.
Yes, some people will disagree with me, I know he’s popular and liked by a lot of fans. Spoiler: Let’s not forget however, that (even though by accident) he’s the reason for Nippon’s misery in the first place, and also the destruction of the Celestial Plain.

Okami game screenshot: Waka, first meeting.
Waka: Ōkami screenshot, C.S., Capcom

I bet it’s his magnificent French accent, that inspired everyone to forgive his mistakes. Knowing him, the guy probably fakes his accent, and just pretends that it’s natural (probably colours his hair too)!
There’ll be a magnificent blog post on Waka in the near future.


Lé Squish – by BlueHart

Rao presses Ammy towards her bosom in a (goodbye or hello) hug, Ammy and Issun are quite surprised.

Okami game screen capture: Rao, with emphasis on her magnificent bosom.
Magnificent: Ōkami game screen capture

Speaking of natural… Rao being a very welcoming and friendly friend; I suspect Issun is quite jealous. Probably an amusing moment in the game, that was cut out of the final release!

Dalmation licking his nose, while looking at something.
Dog licking mouth and nose.

By the way, did you know that the noses of wolves (and dogs) have evolved in a way that still allows breathing, even when pressed up tightly against something?
I don’t know why this tidbit of information came to me just now, but I thought I’d share it with you.

(That’s enough immature humor from me, I promise.)


On a Roll – by Frozen Fortune

Ammy apparently walking on top of a giant rolling cherry bomb with lit fuse - she has a very uncertain and concerned look on her face.

What if Ammy had had only just re-learned the “Cherry Bomb” brush technique, but she still didn’t know how to use “Galestorm” to blow the bomb towards her target by creating wind gusts? Well, I guess she could jump on the bomb and roll it… although headbutting might still be safer (as long as the bomb doesn’t go off).

Okami game screenshot: Bakugami, granting Ammy Cherry Bomb power.
Bakugami: Ōkami screenshot, C.S., Capcom

For those who haven’t gotten to this part of the game yet: Ammy will be granted the power to create large (cherry) bombs by (brush god) Bakugami, the god of explosive force. This allows Ammy to blast holes in walls and also damage enemies.

Okami official art, Sleepy the Bear balancing on something round while sleeping.
Sleepy the Bear: C.S., Capcom

…Ammy, just go and see (brush god) Kazegami already and get him to give you the power of Galestorm! Save the circus acts to Sleepy the Bear – you’ve seen him do this in his sleep, he’s clearly better than you at this!

Ammy meets god of wind, Kazegami: Clover Studio, Capcom


Amaterasu – by Lo Kyu

Amaterasu sitting in front of a "Beware of the God" sign - apparently she seems surprised by this sign.

Okami video game screencap: Ammy puts Issun in her mouth..
Godly slobber: Clover Studio, Capcom

Heh, now that’s a different take on the traditional “beware of the dog” signs. I think (little bug) Issun is messing with Ammy here. Could this be revenge for slobbering on him all those times, or is such a sign actually a compliment?

My thinking is that Ammy is a god, and also incredibly powerful and dangerous towards demons – however god written backwards spells “dog” and Ammy’s a wolf – and wolves are generally considered more noble and majestic than dogs, so this could also be an insult.
If Ammy complains to Issun about being “reduced” to a fierce guard-dog, he’ll just tell her not to over-analyze the joke so much, and he’ll do it with a smirk on his face, that rascal.


Hey Issun – by Taralen

Issun and Waka showing each other the middle finger - Ammy appears to be unimpressed by their immaturity.

Two immature boys showing each other the middle-finger, except that Issun’s the one with the incredibly short temper and takes (mysterious) Waka’s provocation seriously. Poor Ammy’s just trying to demolish savage mountain-sized demons and then feed some random birds with heavy bags of seed she carries around, but has to put up with such silliness.
That’s life, I suppose – even for a mighty goddess.

Ammy feeds birds: Clover Studio, Capcom


Ammy Belly Scratches – Issun Style – by Ferisae

Ammy laying on her back, clearly enjoying Issun bouncing on her belly - his version of a friendly belly-scratch.

Female dog rolling on back happily.
Jessie rolling on back, joy –

← Reminds me a bit of my doggie. It makes sense that for insect-sized Issun to scratch Ammy’s belly, he’d probably have to jump/bounce on it.
If he actually scratched her with his hands, then it would probably feel more like a fat flea scurrying around in her fur.

Issun bouncing/jumping on Ammy's head
Bouncy: C.S., Capcom

Although, the guy sure bounces a lot even when just talking to people. Maybe it’s just what he does. I think that’s why Ammy’s so happy and Issun’s Angry – he’s always bouncing about on her head and she wanted a belly-scratch, so she just rolled over on her back.
She’s “abusing” his natural predisposition to bouncing, for her own belly-scratching amusement, haha.

Speaking of bouncing, I wonder what sports Issun and other Poncles like him would play… basketball would probably be out of the question, because everyone would be too good. Soccer wouldn’t work, because it’s not possible to reliably defend the ball from being stolen, when you’re bouncing all the time. Trampolining would be extremely boring, and not even a sport.
This is a mystery that we may never solve.


Female dog blissfully rolling on her back, in wet grass.
Jessie rolling in wet grass – by

Well, that’s the end of this post for today, I hope you enjoyed these fanarts as well. There are plenty more funnies for me to post in future blog posts.
In the next blog post, we’ll be getting a bit more serious… Ammy dishing out some Divine Retribution and banishing the “Shiitake Mushrooms” out of vile demons.

Do you have suggestions, would like to recommend some art or submit your own? Then feel free to get in touch or just leave comments, below:

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