There is More to This Tale Than Most People Know!

In Honour of Ōkami’s positive achievements, this shrine fansite was created and fellow supporters’ praise displayed within it, for all fans to see and enjoy.

Man walking in park, carrying small dog.
Big day in the city (park) – by

Hey there! I’m Ben – a long-time Ōkami fan, Web developer and online producer, and also this fansite’s creator.

Ikumi Nakamura and Hideki Kamiya Twitter announcement of wanting to make a sequel to Okami, October 18 2019
“We want to make a sequel”

The decision to finally make a fansite showing off the beautiful artistic creations and sentiments of other fans, came in October 2019, after Ikumi Nakamura and Hideki Kamiya expressed their desire to create a sequel to the remarkable video game Ōkami.

Hideki Kamiya was Ōkami’s director and writer, and Ikumi Nakamura worked on Ōkami as an environment artist. Together with the skilled and dedicated people and President/CEO Atsushi Inaba of Clover Studio, they had created a beautiful and entertaining video game that positively touched many people around the world.

Ōkami is a great video game

Screenshots showing artists candidly stating they love Okami.
“I love Ōkami”, say the fan artists

The response to this multi-award-winning and highly rated video game, was an outpouring of positive emotions, sentiments and creativity.

Ōkami is a game with a world so rich of varied content, there’s always something new to find.

You can read the “About Page” to find out more about why I created this fansite, but in short; this fansite was created to show an overview of Ōkami with its impressive achievements, and to collect and talk about the positive and creative expression and praise from Ōkami’s fans – perhaps helping tip the scales towards the creation of a true sequel to one of our all-time favourite video games.

Working towards an Ōkami sequel

Okami official art: Ammy runs joyfully towards viewer, Issun on her head.
Running towards the future: Clover Studio, Capcom

Hopefully one day we’ll see a true sequel, but reflecting on all that we already have is also very nice! Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be putting up themed blog posts of my favourite fanart, crafts and other remarkable creations shared by creative fans from all over the world, as well as noteworthy news and other Ōkami-related subjects.
You can also send me tips on where to find even more great Ōkami news and goodies!

In the near future, I will have a “Tree of Art” section on this fansite’s forum where you can post your own related fanart and photos for free and with no ads. You can already start commenting on various blog posts, or introduce yourself on our fan-forum and share your Ōkami-related stories, ask for gaming tips and much more!

Okami official art: Ammy looking up with tilted head, question mark floating above.But… what is Ōkami about?

Finally – if you’re new to Ōkami, or would like directions on where to go next, you can see my “Where to Start” blog post. This fansite will only grow in the future, and so that’ll be the best place to get your bearings.

Ammy viewed from above, looking towards viewer, wading through water, surrounded by Lily Pads.
Ōkami – by Rio Burton

The “Where to Start” blog post, is a bit like an index page in a book, pointing you to several different sections of this fansite and also where to look, for even more great information.

Also, once you know a bit more about Ōkami, I suggest you start looking through the blog posts where I discuss my favourite fanart. The first such blog post is called “Ammy – Nature, Life and Beauty” – certainly a nice subject to look at!

Staying up-to-date

For the latest news and (future) updates, see my “News and Updates” blog post – it will be updated with every change to the fansite and blog.

I’d love to see you on our ad-free and independent “Fan-Forum” – it’ll always have the latest information. Logging in there will also allow you to comment on my blog posts – no need to log in twice.

See you soon,
Your fellow Ōkami fan Ben!
(Fansite’s founder/owner)

By Web Developer Ben – Fansite Founder and Owner.
Passionate dog person, but also likes cats and animals in general. Web developer and online producer, who became an Ōkami fan after coming across nice fanart eleven years ago and then playing the video game. Now inspired to do the same for other potential fans.

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